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PLAN-Boulder County (PBC) is the leading citizens' organization working to ensure environmental sustainability in the City and County of Boulder. Founded in 1959, PBC seeks to promote--through education, political action, and encouragement of public involvement--far-sighted, innovative, and sustainable land use and growth patterns that preserve the area’s unique character and desirability, and which reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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PLAN-Boulder County depends on the support of the community to provide education, outreach, and political advocacy on critical local issues. Your support will help PBC continue to provide programs and services that maintain the unique character of Boulder County today and into the future.


PLAN-Boulder County Receives the 2015 Land Conservation Award!

On the afternoon of April 16, PLAN-Boulder County was awarded the 2015 Land Conservation Award from the Boulder County Parks and Open Space Department. PLAN-Boulder was cited in the Award “for outstanding achievement in land preservation and stewardship since 1959.” Our organization “has been one of the leading citizens’ organizations working to ensure environmental sustainability in the city and county of Boulder, advocating for growth controls, comprehensive planning, flood plain regulations and regional bike trails,” the citation declared. PLAN-Boulder co-chair Ray Bridge and board members Dan Benavidez, Dick Harris and Pat Shanks were present to accept the award on behalf of our organization at a ceremony at the Department’s headquarters on St. Vrain Road west of Longmont.

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04 Sep 2015 12:00 PM • Reynolds Branch Library Meeting Room
11 Sep 2015 12:00 PM • Alfalfa's
18 Sep 2015 12:00 PM • Alfalfa's
25 Sep 2015 12:00 PM • Alfalfa's

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PBC Board

Ray Bridge, 303-499-8496

Sarah McClain, 970-275-3154

Friday Forums, Newsletter:
Alan Boles, 303-447-3280

Dan Benavidez, 720-491-3660
Allyn Feinberg, 303-447-8513
Lieschen Gargano, 720-938-0800
Paul Glasgow, 303-656-9668
Dick Harris, 303-499-1551
Dom Nozzi, 352-359-5060
Pat Shanks, 303-819-3315
John Spitzer, 303-443-5931

Advisory Committee:
Jim Baily
Ruth Blackmore
Gwen Dooley
Bruce Goldstein
Jeff Hohensee
Scott McCarey
Pete Morton


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